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7 Benefits You Didn't Know About Getting Your ITIN

In the United States, the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) plays a significant role for millions of Latinos. Below are some key benefits that the ITIN provides to this community, highlighting its importance and its contribution to the financial well-being of those who possess it. Main benefits:

  1. Tax compliance: obtaining an ITIN allows Latinos to comply with their tax obligations in the U.S., filing tax returns and requesting refunds if applicable.

  2. Opening bank accounts: many banks accept the ITIN to open savings and checking accounts, facilitating financial management and the security of funds.

  3. Child Tax Credit: taxpayers with an ITIN may qualify for the Child Tax Credit if they meet the IRS's established requirements. This can provide significant financial relief for families with children.

  4. Community support: the ITIN promotes financial and legal inclusion of Latinos in American society, providing a pathway to fully participate in the economy and community.

  5. Health insurance: in some states, individuals with an ITIN may be eligible to obtain health insurance through state health insurance marketplaces. This provides access to necessary medical care and financial protection against high medical expenses.

  6. Immigration regularization: demonstrating a history of tax compliance can be a positive factor in certain immigration processes.

  7. Education: some educational institutions accept the ITIN as valid identification, allowing students to access educational opportunities.

However, the ITIN has specific limitations and cannot be used in various situations such as:

  • It does not authorize work in the United States.

  • It does not grant social security benefits.

  • It does not qualify a person to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Beyond its benefits and limitations, the ITIN facilitates integration into the financial system, thereby promoting equal opportunities and access to essential services. Ultimately, the ITIN plays a fundamental role in the daily life and economic progress of millions of Latinos, who, thanks to this tax identification number, can achieve their goals and contribute to the development of the country they now consider their home.

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