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About Us

LAMONTAX Its start was driven by a noble purpose: to uplift the Latino community. Within our community, there is a gap in understanding the intricacies of tax procedures and navigating the intricacies of health insurance applications. Within the scope of LAMONTAX, we have cultivated a haven of safety and enlightenment, dedicated to empowering the Latino community with essential knowledge.


My name is Glenn Hernandez and I am an IRS and ACA certified health insurance agent. My absolute commitment is the protection and well-being of our valued clients. My fundamental purpose is to educate and guide them so that they can make informed decisions that affect their health and the correct presentation of their tax returns. My goal is to provide them with the necessary tools to navigate these key aspects of their lives with confidence and knowledge, thus ensuring a stronger and more conscious future for each of them.

Asesora de seguros y Agente Certificado de IRS

Nuestra mision

LAMONTAXES is proud to have some of the best consultants in the industry on our team. The experience, ability and passion of our staff is the foundation of our success in serving our clients. That's why we invest heavily in recruiting, skills development, and creating a work environment that fosters your growth.

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